Keeping Your Jewelry Healthy Tips From Karenna

To safeguard it from luster , Karenna recommends you clean them regularly .
Brush gently in warm water containing washing-up liquid and then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. For delicate stones such as emerald and opal, you can wipe with a soft cloth. Before wearing your jewelry, make sure the zipper works properly, that the stones do not move and the claws are not damaged. If you see any inconsistencies, please email me.

Maintenance of the beaded jewelry
Maintenance of beads must be painstaking and fragile. Definitely, the pearl is very fragile jewelry piece, which can be easily crashed into contact with chemicals. That’s why you should wear your jewelry after you use your cosmetics. Right after you remove, wipe with a soft cloth. If the pearls are damaged we advise you to bring them to us. Also, be sure to re-clean your pearls every year about whether you wear it regularly.

Storing your jewelry
Keep your jewelry in a case when not wearing them is crucial to a healthy jewelry. To avoid scratching, do not over-store more jewelry in one box. This tends to happen often. Try keeping your bracelets and necklaces in a closed flat box.

As a final point, the pearl jewelry should not be stored in cotton or wool, to avoid dryness. Also, to keep all his intensity to your jewelry beads, it is best to wear it regularly. Just a tip.


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