Wedding Rings Ideas Unique, Stylish, Modern Boston

Engagement & Wedding Rings a unique experience
Not everyone recognizes the time and effort that a newly bride goes through into designing the perfect wedding ring that she wants on her wedding day to be a special day. I want to assure that your wedding ring and engagement ring will be special

Without a doubt your wedding ring is the most significant jewelry you’ll ever possess so the design deserves to be an expression of promise and individual style. Karenna will work with you to craft rings that will be stylishly and exclusively yours for many days to come.

What a pleasure and an honor to be asked to make your jewelry for special moments or just because. In particular pieces you will have in possession for lifetime. Karenna looks forward to hearing from you whenever you need, or just feel like that something special, be it for you only or for a great gift or perhaps a surprise for someone close to you.

And for you men out there, who are still in the early stages of considering buying spectacular engagement ring, let Karenna make the situation simpler for you. Maybe just start with a scratch design and then both of you come back to sort out the ring requirements. We assure you that we will do our best to make this a great time and wonderful experience.


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