Electroforming Buttons!!!

Electroplating is the process of coating an item in a metal surface, like my example here is coating plastic buttons in copper. Here is my setup, a bath hooked up to an electric charge that will deposit copper ions from a sheet of copper onto my plastic button pin!

Here you can see button rings that I have done in the past! One has been left with copper exposed and the other is with an oxidized copper.

I had this in the bath for about 40 minutes. It has a very thin coating, but I will keep it in for longer because I want a much thicker coating.

Here is the back side with just the copper conductive paint. I prefer to have lower voltage over longer time because I think it gives a better coat of copper.


  1. Very nice jewelry...excellent work

  2. wow that is some wonderful work ..I never knew that you can create jewelry with buttons. Groovy

  3. This is quite an interesting technique for manipulating cooper and turn it into a spectacular piece of jewelry. Its quite a unique ring and it seems very fashion forward. Great work!