How to Make a Handmade Pendant

Heat Treated Copper Pendant
The word pendant is derived from the Latin word for handing down and describes an ornament that is suspended from a cord or chain. Though its fine distinction this is different from a necklace in the relative importance of the hanging element to the cord or chain that supports it. In the case of a pendant, decisions about size, color, finish and detail of the cord or chain are determined by what will best complement the pendant. In the case of a necklace, the whole unit is conceived as being of equal importance.
Patined Brass Pendant

In many cases the best option for a pendant is the machine-made chain, which can be bought finished in several popular lengths or by the inch. You get what you pay for in chains, so avoid the superlow-prices models; as they are made of extremely thin metal and tend to kink and break easily. Remember that commercial chain can be patinated which is sometimes useful in making the chain related to your handmade pendant. Similarly, a handmade clasp can enhance an otherwise commonplace chain.

If you like to learn more about on how to create a pendant we offer classes. 


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