Black Opal

A stunning, high quality, Australian black opal is custom set in a white gold scroll setting. This soon to be married couple wanted an interesting setting that didn't take away from the opal as it hangs around the neck, but had some more interest from the side view. This beautiful setting is the perfect combination. Light is allowed to reflect around the stone and enhance all the spectacular natural beauty of this striking opal.
Opal is the national gem stone of Australia. Red and black opal are the most rare but colors can vary from clear to magenta to brown and every color in between. It is the internal structure of the opal that makes it diffract light and glow many beautiful colors. Depending on the angle the density of the stone can range from opaque to semi- transparent.
This is a great couple and a lucky woman will wear this around her neck. We wish them the congratulations as their wedding date fast approaches!


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