20% off selected pieces by Heather Wang and Rimma Zaiha-Veksler

Now on sale for 20% Off! Beautiful jewelry pieces by Heather Wang and Rimma Zaiha-Veksler. Pick up one of Heather's lovely delicate enamel and silver flower necklaces or earrings; dazzle strangers with a bright and colorful chunky beaded coral necklace by Rimma. Check out the select pieces on the Sale table in-store.
Enamel flower necklace by Heather Wang

Mother-of-pearl necklace by Rimma Zaiha-Veksler

Coral beaded necklace by Rimma Zaiha-Veksler 

Enamel flower earrings by Heather Wang

 Another enamel earring style by Heather Wang

Coral and beads necklace by Rimma Zaiha-Veksler

Stop in and check out these and other wonderful necklaces and earrings at our Sale table - 20% off!


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