Mokume Rings by Len

    Although Len Smith may be a computer tech man by day, by night he is a silversmith, skilled in the traditional Japanese method of Mokume. Using the Mokume technique, which was first used in Japan during the Meiji era in the forging of swords, and later in jewelry making, requires up to fifteen hours of work. Carefully stacked sheets of metal, alternated with a layer of patina, are forged together. After the sheets of metal have bonded, the metal is carefully cut away to reveal the different layers of silver sheets and patina, which range in color from soft grey to purple/black. The result looks something like the grain of wood.      
     Len Smith's rings are exquisite examples of the Mokume technique. Some feature sparkling sapphires, while others simply show off the wood-grain like patterning made with the silver and patina layers.



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